Learn to fly

We offer:

-introduction course 

-advanced course

-performance flying with multi site itinerary

- individual training using tandem

-daily training



Introduction course.
5 days
420 euros
On the training slope, you will familiarize yourself with your wing.
Before your firts flights, you will learn the theory of paragliding, including airflow, materials, weather systems,flight mechanics...
At the end of the week, you will be able to fly alone assisted by radio. 

Advanced course.

 5 days

420 euros

This course is to improve your  general thechnique and your ground handling skills.To plan flight and try differents spots.

The idea is to build confidence and fly safety.


Performance flying with multi site itinerary:

5 days

500 euros

This course is for skilled pilots who wants to improve thermalling techniques and learn to read the landscape. Understanding the valley winds and weather systems is essential to progress toward cross country flying.

Our travel will be able to take us to Drôme, Isère, Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Alpes de Haute Provence...


Individual training.

Or Tandem flight training

5 days.

3 days whith tandem + 2 days whith a group

600 euros

Or 200 euros per day.

This course is for thoose of you who just can't wait to get flying

Whith your personal tutor sitting next to you. You will be able to fly the tandem glider from the very first day.

This invaluable experience permits you to fly all the week and is accompanied by solo ground handling and theory.

At the end of the week you will be able to fly alone whith confidence.


Important !!

You must bring a certificat of your doctor showing you can fly whith paraglide. 

Certificat is nessesary for the compulsory insurance.

cost of insurance: 47 euros for one year. 32 for one week.

The stuff you must bring.

Walking shoes.
Warm cloathing (winter wear ou gore-tex)
polar fleece.
Pants for every body, even princesses.
Gloves  recommended.

It's quicly cold when you are fliying even in summer.


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