Everybody can do it!!.

Life seen from the sky : take life easy, fly, change to the moutain air, play with your big kite, fly higher and higher, up up and above mountains, see the clouds, smell the air and listen to birds, feel small in a big world, admire a sunset view from the sky, learn to understand nature...
 flying makes friends

We offer:

The biplace classique:

525 m elevation or 15 min of pleasure

70 euros

The big biplace:

525 m elevation and  40 min minimum of pure happiness

120 euros

The biplace à la carte:

200 euros

 Up to 2 hours of flight

The biplace randonnée.

190 euros
Moutain walking with wild flight.

what you must bring with you to fly.

Walking shoes.
Warm cloathing (winter wear ou gore-tex)
polar fleece.
Pants for every body.
Gloves  recommended.

It's quicly cold when you are fliying even in summer.

learn to fly, advanced courses, or simply come for a tandem with a  professionnal....

Offer yourself a dream, forget the rest and live the moment.

We are the school VUDUCIEL.

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